Staffing Services

Staffing Services

At Allot we place the best health and social care professionals into permanent and temporary roles. As a staffing agency we supply to the NHS, where we hold contracts to supply nurses and HCA’s with over 20 NHS Trusts in the UK.

Our responsive and reliable consultants, all experts in their field, have access to over 5,000 active candidates. This combination of expertise and resource means we excel in recruiting to shortage areas, sourcing niche specialists and providing staffing solutions specific to our clients individual needs.

Why Work with Allot Healthcare Services as a Nurse of HCA?

We have jobs/employment for temporary and permanent nurses and HCA’s throughout the United Kingdom. If you are willing to travel, we pay mileage.

Maybe you want a change of direction in your career, or you are in full time employment but would like a new challenge. Or perhaps you are returning to work after a career break.

Whatever your situation we can help and support you.

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Registration Checklist

  • An up to date CV
  • References – we need a minimum of 3 references within clinical experience
  • Qualification Certificates
  • NMC Registration – All nurses that are not already registered with the NMC will need to contact them to start the process (this can take anything from 6-12 weeks. We will of course assist you in this process if you have not started the application
  • Health Questionnaire – we will provide this form with your registration pack
  • Blood Test results
  • Application Form – we will provide this form with your registration pack
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of Your Address
  • National Insurance Number
  • Bank Details
  • A valid CRB certificate

Our Obligations to Compliance

All Allot Healthcare Services candidates are fully compliant to the standards set by different Frameworks in the UK.

We have a dedicated compliance team that is specifically trained to advise and assist you with all compliance aspects, ensuring training, immunisations, and DBS Checks are always up to date.

Appraisals, references and assessments are carried out regularly and we encourage you to continue professional development. Regular checks are carried out to ensure you stay registered with your Professional Body and don’t worry we will send you reminders for all renewals.

Immunisation Requirements

Before you can start work for us we have to obtain a Fit To Work Certificate your immunisations and that you meet the required standards. If you do not have any/some of the required reports, please contact a member of our compliance team who will assist you in getting these done

Mandatory Training Requirement

Before commencing work with Allot Healthcare Services you will need to ensure that all your Mandatory Training is up to date. It should be in date within one year. Exactly which training you will need to complete is variable depending on your job role. If you need to update your training please contact a member of our compliance team and they will arrange for you to attend one of our training days.